Don’t Forget Çiçek Kobane

A Syrian woman abducted by Turkish-backed rebels has been sentenced to life in a Turkish prison after an illegal and unfair trial.

Who were the captors?

The men who captured Kobane and handed her over to Turkish authorities were members of the Syrian National Army (SNA), the armed wing of the opposition Syrian Interim Government (SIG). While claiming to be an anti-Assad force, the SNA has primarily fought against the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) at the behest of Turkey.

Timeline of the Trial

Events surrounding Kobane’s trial show a legal case that was profoundly unfair from the beginning.

Allegations of Torture and Inhuman and Degrading Treatment

The video that brought Kobane’s case to the attention of the world showed that she was clearly injured — and that the militants who had captured her had little regard for her well-being.

Illegal Transfers of Syrians to Turkey

Under international humanitarian law, what happened to Çiçek Kobane should not have happened to anyone. But she is far from the only victim of such an ordeal.



Researcher following Kurdish politics, Syria, Turkey.

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